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A Decentralized Marketplace for Artists and Artisans

Are You An Artist Or Artisan Seeking An Affordable And Alternative Marketplace To Sell Your Crafts Globally? Then Choose The AFOMA Marketplace And Maximize Your Profits! No Hidden Costs, No Complex Pricing Plans.

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Platform Benefits

Cost Savings

Take home 90% on the sale of every product you sell on our marketplace.

Low Fees

No listing fees (limited time promotional offer), no shipping label (Waybill) fee, no payment processing fee, no listing currency fee, and an optional and affordable marketing and advertising fee.


Get exclusive incentives and rewards for conducting excellent business practices.

Borderless Payments

Using cryptocurrency as a remittance option, we are able to reach and help marginalized or unbanked creators across the globe.


We adopt Web3 technology through tokenization to enable trust, shared ownership and transparency.


Harness the diverse and collective strength of our marketplace community to amplify your brand and reach a wider audience.

Maximize Your Profits!

Create. Sell. Thrive. Keep 90% of Your Sales – It's Your Creativity, Your Reward!

No Shipping Label (Waybill) Fee

No Payment Processing Fee

No Listing Currency Fee

Optional and Affordable Marketing and Advertising Fee

No Listing Fee (promotional offer)


 Anne-marie Ridderhof
Anne-marie Ridderhof

AI Artist

By freeing artists from the limitations of traditional media, AI art can open up new possibilities for creativity. AFOMA Marketplace is the perfect solution to catalyze this.

 Morin Adesola Fadara
Morin Adesola Fadare

Fashion Designer

Making fashion affordable is not just a slogan but my desire. Partnering with AFOMA Marketplace has helped achieve this.

 Dunmola Abiola
Dunmola Abiola

Fashion Designer

My mission is to connect African kids in diaspora to their culture through everyday clothing. AFOMA Marketplace gives me the platform to attain this.

Michelle Klieber
Michelle Klieber

Greeting Card Maker

AFOMA Marketplace’s affordability is a game-changer! It's like a treasure trove of opportunity, helping me maximize profits effortlessly.

Why AFOMA Marketplace


Eric Osuorah

Founder and CEO - AFOMA

"Welcome to our artisan marketplace, where purpose thrives, trust unites, and fair, sustainable income empowers creators!

I envisioned a platform that would leverage the core benefits of Web3 technology to foster an ecosystem that offers inclusion, fairness and trust through decentralization.

The word “AFOMA” signifies “Goodwill” in the Igbo language of South East Nigeria. This name symbolizes our mission and promise to our community.

So, if you are a creator (artist or artisan), aligned with our mission, but most importantly are seeking a marketplace built for transparency, fair and sustainable income, then join our waitlist now. Together, let's craft a brighter future filled with opportunities and prosperity!"

Create. Sell. Thrive. It's Your Creativity, Your Reward!


What does it mean to be a Web3 Marketplace?

Is there a fee to join the AFOMA Marketplace as an Artisan?

How do I apply to become an Artisan in your Marketplace?

Will the products sold on your Marketplace be genuinely handmade?

What types of products will be sold on the AFOMA Marketplace?

What sets AFOMA Marketplace apart from other artisanal marketplaces?

How does your marketplace support social impact and sustainability?

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